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CBG CBD Forbidden Flower – Urth CBD


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CBG CBD Forbidden Flower – Urth CBD

Urth CBG CBD Forbidden Flower is a hot ticket to CBD bliss. This complex blend is better known as a crossbreed. That just means that CBG heavy strains are harvested in whole from the youngest cannabis plants to enhance effect. CBD is concentrated in its pure structure instead of following different cannabinoid growth patterns. This precursor form is stronger and leaves less room for interpretation.?

The heavily concentrated CBG blend has a greater and overlapping effect on endocannabinoid activity in the body. Urth CBG Flower has a smoothness that will leave you to no longer wonder why it is so incredibly popular in the CBD market. It’s easy delivery of balanced cannabis taste is like a breath of fresh air each inhale. The light exhale leaves room for more.

Urth CBG Forbidden Flower is available as a joint or in a jar. The joint is stored in a clear plastic vial. The larger quantities come in a clear plastic jar full of CBD nugs ready to smoke as needed. THC content is under 0.3% so do not expect a psychedelic meltdown or downer effect.?

Urth CBD ingredients are the purest type available on the market today. Urth knows the importance of an ability to remain active and highly focused upon what is most important in life. That is why each and every Urth product is created with the customer in mind.

Product Features:?

  • Joint with 1.5 grams CBD or jar with either 3.5 or 7 grams CBD nug

Package Contains:?

  • 1 x CBG CBD Forbidden Flower – Urth CBD



Let Urth CBD mark your path to health and wellness. They have paved the way and have shown no signs of stopping to look back. This line of CBD products is bound for greater heights and greener pastures. Things are already great but things are looking better each day.

The goal here is to go way above and beyond industry standards to become the best CBD  brand out there on the market. It’s a no holds barred approach to an industry that is rapidly growing at an ever increasing pace. They won’t leave anyone behind though. No need to worry if it all seems like too much to take. There is nothing overwhelming about the Urth CBD expert crafted collection.

This is a transparency focused company that shows care about its customer base like anyone would love a family. All the product information is available to enable deeper CBD knowledge and give a greater sense of appreciation for its varietal use. The ability to achieve anything is within reach it seems considering a long list of amazing CBD benefits. 

Urth understands what it takes to forward industry trends and deserves your trust when it comes to delivering on its promises of top quality. Urth CBD captures this essence by offering customer focused products that promise to achieve exactly when they have intended to do. Trust Urth to deliver uncompromised quality in all of its CBD vape juices and tinctures.

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1.5 Gram Pre-Roll, 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams


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