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Melon Lush CBD Vape Juice? – Air Factory CBD

This is a wonderful blend that will remind you of summer with all its ripeness and character. Air Factory Melon Lush CBD Vape Juice combines two favorites for the ultimate melon treat. Lushness from honeydew dances on the taste buds and delivers a kick of juicy sweetness unmatched by other flavors out there. Watermelon drenches the flavor with fruity undertones and leaves a sense of unlimited sunshine.

Any usual vaping device will do. Melon Lush CBD Vape Juice was blended and formulated for ready use. This vape juice contains CBD to encourage inner peace and keep you dosed with potent cannabinoids at various strength levels. All natural CBD gives a flavor that is herbal and earthy but never truly subdued.

Air Factory Melon Lush CBD Vape Juice comes in a small plastic dropper bottle that is ready for use. It is spill proof and will easily fit into any pocket or bag. Simply screw off the lid and dispense as needed. Available formulas included dosage strength that is adjusted to individual preference. Find the right level and go from there.

Air Factory puts CBD vaping enthusiasts in total control of their enjoyable experience. Each product is created above standard in terms of quality and flavor. There are a wide variety of flavors and dosages available to ensure that the Air Factory experience is never boring. Air Factory painstakingly ensures that no THC or psychoactive substances are left in the CBD by using a broad spectrum extraction process method.

Product Features:?

  • Size: 30ml?
  • CBD Strength: 250mg, 500mg
  • Primary Flavor: Melon

Package Contains:?

  • 1 x Melon Rush CBD E Liquid – Air Factory CBD


Air Factory CBD

Air Factory is quickly becoming an industry standard for CBD products thanks to its standout approach with interesting flavors and combination of world class quality ingredients. There is nothing standard about the taste but it covers all the groundwork in terms of high style. That’s because flavors have been blended as a unique reminder of why people started supplementing or vaping with CBD in the first place. Feeling great never tasted so good.

The products can be trusted thanks to a widely available range of products each with lab reports and straightforward approach to marketing. Air Factory keeps a specific list of each and every CBD component in its product for quality control. The customer is in touch with what they are buying and in the know when it comes to some pretty unbelievable benefits.

Air Factory is looking to establish itself as an industry standard.They are taking a fresh approach in a growing CBD market based on tradition. The message is clear. CBD is helpful for those who need an alternative to other market choices but Air Factory does it best. There is enough selectivity without an overwhelming or exhausting product list to choose from. 

Customers can rest assured that only terpenes and cannabinoids are in each lovingly crafted product. Air Factory believes that purity is important when it comes to featuring only broad spectrum CBD in its product line. That means no THC or residual psychoactivity. Just enjoy the good things like omegas and phytonutrition.

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250mg, 500mg


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