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Naturefine+ GoodNight Drops are the perfect bedtime snack. The sweet chocolate flavor is the last thing you will remember before drifting off into a good nights sleep. The combination of CBD and the natural sleep aid, Melatonin will make sure you sleep great and wake up rejuvenated.

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Melatonin Goodnight Drops CBD Tincture – Naturefine+

Need a natural solution to a recurring problem with insomnia? Give the Good Night Drops CBD Tincture by Nature Fine+ a try. The CBD Melatonin Good Night Drops comes in a white and deep blue box and a similarly branded 30ml bottle. This CBD Tincture has a CBD strength of 500mg.

The best way to ease the day?s stresses away is with this sweet CBD tincture. It offers a warm, tasty chocolate flavor, which is often enough to relax the mind. It also comes with nature?s own sleep aid melatonin to supplement your own body?s supply. The CBD in Naturefine+ Melatonin Good Night Drops is nano amplified to ensure you get all the beneficial extracts from the hemp plant with zero THC to ensure a trouble-free restful night. You will wake up well-rested and free from discomfort.?

Naturefine+ Products are manufactured under the most hygienic of conditions and methods and using organically-grown hemp to ensure that your Melatonin Drops are safe and toxin-free. For your safety, you are advised to speak to a professional before utilising these drops if you are already using other medications for insomnia or other conditions.?

Get a bottle of Naturefine+ Melatonin Good Night Drops CBD Tincture and enjoy a night of deep, restful sleep.

Product Features:

  • Nano-Amplified THC-Free CBD
  • 500mg Ashwagandha and Epimedium?
  • MCT Coconut Oil
  • Natural chocolate flavor

Package Contains:

  • 1x? Melatonin Good Night Drops CBD Tincture – Naturefine+




Naturefine+ is a company that was founded with a major aim of providing value to customers. They use unprocessed natural hemp along with other natural essential oils to provide excellent products to meet consumers’ pain management, insomnia, and beauty needs.

Naturefine+ uses organically-grown Hemp plants from their farms in America as raw material. They use the CO2 extraction along with nano-amplification to ensure that the hemp they source provides a pure, wholesome CBD extract with all the nutrients of the hemp plant. You can also rely on their in-depth quality control laboratory tests for assurance of the final products’ purity and consistency. This collection is gluten and THC-free. If you have any queries, you can readily contact the customer care desk.

Naturefine+ has a wide array of excellent products infused with natural, sweet flavors to enhance your CBD experience. The packages are also appealing and come with droppers to promote user-friendliness. With the Naturefine+ collection, you are assured of products that will meet your specific needs; from beauty to pain relief, or insomnia, while alleviating inflammation, anxiety, and premature aging. Try any of their CBD tinctures or pharmaceutical-grade balms today.


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