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Our Naturefine+ Oral Spray is our ?ON THE GO? option for CBD delivery. The sleek pocket sized bottle is a perfect way to get your CBD dose on the move. It is available in Cool Mint which makes for the perfect breath freshener!

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CBD Oral Spray – Naturefine+

Bad breath suddenly got you all quiet? Out for a job interview, important meeting or romantic date? Don’t worry. You don’t have to be so polite and say no to onions, garlic, fish or other wildly fragrant foods either. No one will notice that you’re feeling stinky anymore. Your secret is safe with Naturefine+ CBD Oral Spray. The CBD Oral Spray has a natural flavor and is CBD amplified by nanotechnology to deliver the ultimate blast of cool mint.

Naturefine+ CBD Oral Spray features a spray nozzle with cap lid. The plastic bottle is a perfect size to fit in your pocket and keep on hand. Spray on the tongue and swallow any remaining product as needed for freshness. Use any time of day and relax, a little goes a long way.

CBD NF Oral Spray has Cool Mint flavor and offers fast relief from bad breath, but also delivers a powerful dose of CBD each use. Contents include CBD Hemp extract and natural mint for flavor. That seems really basic, but Naturefine+ CBD already contains powerful terpenes too. With 10mg of CBD in each application of Naturefine+ CBD Oral Spray, there is no doubt you’ll sigh a fresh breath of relief!

Trust Naturefine+ for potent and pure CBD products. Naturefine+ offers comprehensive solutions for hard to treat issues such as dry skin and inflammation. The company is committed to creating innovative CBD solutions with nanotechnology. Naturefine+ offers the highest grade CBD in the industry with many pharmaceutical grade items in its product line.

Product Features:

  • 250mg CBD Strength
  • CBD Derived from CO2 Extraction
  • 1 Spray = 1 Dose
  • 5oz. Spray Bottle
  • All Organic Ingredients
  • Powerful Nanotechnology
  • Vegan Friendly

Package Contains:

  • 1 x CBD Oral Spray – Naturefine+




Naturefine+ is a company that was founded with a major aim of providing value to customers. They use unprocessed natural hemp along with other natural essential oils to provide excellent products to meet consumers’ pain management, insomnia, and beauty needs.

Naturefine+ uses organically-grown Hemp plants from their farms in America as raw material. They use the CO2 extraction along with nano-amplification to ensure that the hemp they source provides a pure, wholesome CBD extract with all the nutrients of the hemp plant. You can also rely on their in-depth quality control laboratory tests for assurance of the final products’ purity and consistency. This collection is gluten and THC-free. If you have any queries, you can readily contact the customer care desk.

Naturefine+ has a wide array of excellent products infused with natural, sweet flavors to enhance your CBD experience. The packages are also appealing and come with droppers to promote user-friendliness. With the Naturefine+ collection, you are assured of products that will meet your specific needs; from beauty to pain relief, or insomnia, while alleviating inflammation, anxiety, and premature aging. Try any of their CBD tinctures or pharmaceutical-grade balms today.


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