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Thinking of a new way to show love to your cat? How about you introduce CBD to their diet! The Salmon CBD Oil for Cats is a sure-fire way to appreciate your furry four-legged best friend. This CBD oil for cats is available in different CBD strengths for your cats depending on how much they weigh.

Small to medium cats weighing under 20 to 40 pounds, 100mg CBD strength is the recommended dosage.
Medium to large cats weighing 20 to 65 pounds, 250mg CBD strength is recommended.
Large to extra large cats weighing 40 to 65+ pounds, 500mg CBD strength is ideal.
Please note that the recommended number of times to be administered daily varies, depending on the size of your cat.

The Salmon CBD Oil for Cats comes in a 30ml dropper style bottle. This helps promote easy administration. You can use the dropper to directly apply the CBD oil on your cat’s food or you can administer it orally to the pet. 

Start with a small dose, using one full dropper, 1-3 times daily for 3-5 days, and working your way up if results have not been met. Some of the major additions to this CBD oil for cats are terpene blend, broad-spectrum hemp, MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil), organic and natural flavoring. It is available in various flavor options that include Chicken, Tuna, Salmon, Bacon, and Beef.

The Salmon CBD Oil for Cats was manufactured and tested in the United States and should be used in states that have officially legalized the use of CBD products. 

Your furry friend knows it when you shower them with love and affection. Take your thoughtfulness to the next level by ordering this CBD cat oil today. 

Product Features:

  • Made with whole-plant hemp extract
  • CBD strength: 100mg, 250mg, 500mg
  • 100% THC Free
  • Manufactured and tested in the USA
  • Available in various flavor options

Package Includes:

  • 1 Salmon CBD Oil for Cats from Craze Naturals


MCT Oil (fractionated coconut oil), Broad Spectrum Hemp & Terpene blend, and natural and organic flavoring

Recommended dosage for your pet:

Small (Under 20 LBS): 100 MG: 1/2 -1 full dropper per day, or 2–4 sprays per day
Medium (20 – 40 LBS): 100 MG: 1-2 full dropper(s) per day, or 4–6 sprays per day
Medium (20 – 40 LBS): 250 MG: 1/2 – 1 full dropper per day, 2 – 4 sprays per day
Large (40 – 65 LBS): 250 MG: 1 – 2 full dropper(s) per day, or 4 – 6 sprays per day
Large (40 – 65 LBS): 500 MG: 1/2 – 1 full dropper per day, or 2 – 4 sprays per day
X-Large (65+ LBS): 250 MG or 500 MG: 1 – 2+ full dropper(s) per day, or 4+ sprays per day

Suggested Use:

Use dropper or spray to apply directly on your pet’s food or administer to your pet orally. Try for 3-5 days and then increase if results have not been reached.


Store in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, light, and humidity.


Keep out of reach from children. All flavorings used are food grade.


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Craze Naturals is a CBD brand that is known for its superior quality products, made from organic, naturally- harvested hemp. This company has been in the industry for over 6 years; in this time they have perfected their technique, skills and manufacturing processes. If you’re familiar with Craze Vapor and ETX, both companies that have been consistently dedicated to providing quality and satisfaction to their consumers in the vape industry, then best believe you are in good hands. Craze Natural comes from the same great minds. The Craze Naturals collection sports a wide range of CBD products. From vape juices, tinctures, lotions, edibles, body butter to CBD Kief, this line makes it easy for CBD to be accessed by individuals with varying preferences. Pets are not left aside. Craze Naturals has a line of tinctures for dogs and pet treats that are not only delicious but also easy to administer. If you’re very particular about the kind of products you utilize and how they are produced, you would be very happy with this brand. All products are made with organic and naturally sourced ingredients like essential oils, coconut extracts, shea butter, etc. all of which are known to improve general well being.  Additionally, they are processed according to defined regulatory standards and independently tested in the United States for quality and consistency. 99% of the Craze Naturals products have shown 0.00% THC levels. This essentially means that they are non-psychoactive. The Craze Naturals brand is a consumer forward one whose priority is to create products that meet the customers at the point of their need. Whether you’re well versed in CBD or a first-timer, this brand has something that will make you feel right at home.
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