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Suver Haze CBD Forbidden Flower – Urth CBD

What’s not to love about Urth Suver Haze CBD Forbidden Flower? Sativa takes center stage here with a tantalizing hybrid blend of Special Sauce and Neville?s Haze. Here’s the lowdown in case that is TMI. The terpenes are intense and complex. The Sativa unfolds into a thick cloud with heavy aroma and lingering flavor upon each exhale.?

These Urth Suver Haze CBD Flower buds are nutrient-rich and dense with omegas. This one is known for its tacky resin and orange taste.? There is a high cannabinoid level but the experience is balanced with under 0.3% delta-9 THC. No psychoactive effects will happen so expect to feel relaxed and intent. Just sit back and enjoy a haze of forbidden perfection.

Urth’s? CBD Forbidden Flower comes in several size products. The joint is ready to smoke and it may be used at once or smoked in part. The nugs come in a clear plastic jar according to size. All are contained with sealable lids for freshness.

There is no doubt about the purity of Urth CBD ingredients. Urth strives to put its face forward in terms of products that are easy to understand for optimal use and CBD benefit. An active lifestyle is a focus of the company but the sense of collective change matters most. Urth is above and beyond industry standard as it sets the pace for a better future.?

Product Features:?

  • Choose from a pre-rolled joint with 1.5 grams CBD or 3.5 and 7 grams CBD in a jar?

Package Contains:?

  • 1 x Suver Haze CBD Forbidden Flower – Urth CBD



Let Urth CBD mark your path to health and wellness. They have paved the way and have shown no signs of stopping to look back. This line of CBD products is bound for greater heights and greener pastures. Things are already great but things are looking better each day.

The goal here is to go way above and beyond industry standards to become the best CBD  brand out there on the market. It’s a no holds barred approach to an industry that is rapidly growing at an ever increasing pace. They won’t leave anyone behind though. No need to worry if it all seems like too much to take. There is nothing overwhelming about the Urth CBD expert crafted collection.

This is a transparency focused company that shows care about its customer base like anyone would love a family. All the product information is available to enable deeper CBD knowledge and give a greater sense of appreciation for its varietal use. The ability to achieve anything is within reach it seems considering a long list of amazing CBD benefits. 

Urth understands what it takes to forward industry trends and deserves your trust when it comes to delivering on its promises of top quality. Urth CBD captures this essence by offering customer focused products that promise to achieve exactly when they have intended to do. Trust Urth to deliver uncompromised quality in all of its CBD vape juices and tinctures.

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1.5 Gram Pre-Roll, 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams


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